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Textured Playing Cards

Textured personalised playing cards


Personalised playing cards have now reached a new heights! Being able to order a single pack of TEXTURED personalised playing cards online is another first for us.
We love putting new products online that no one has ever done before.

Textured are my favourites! I have a pack on my desk which I use daily. I'm no magician! Just an enthusiastic playing card printer, but ever since I tried a textured pack of playing cards. I have wanted to produce them in a single pack online. Because the handling is so easy, they just make you look good!

The Sure Slip texture allows the user to control the playing cards much more freely.

These are already used by working magicians for trade shows and events all over the world. If you are a working magician imagine being about to upload a picture or logo of your clients add some text and then order a single pack or more.
Impress your client before you even start because your using his playing cards for his show.
You can even use them as a business card and leave them with people attending the event.
You can add the cost of there own playing cards in to the job as an option they can choose if they want them or not!

Before now if you brought personalised playing cards as a present for a Magician. He or she would have been pleased but never been able to use them the same as there standard decks.
Now with sure slip personalised playing cards you can be sure they will be impressed.

Special English Faces
We have moved the pips closer to the edge. So when you fan the playing cards you can see them more clearly. These were designed with the help of magicians.
Please see examples below of our English faces.

If you have any questions! Please feel free to ask. As with all new products we are learning everyday. So your questions and feedback are a great help to us.



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