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Quality Guaranteed
Fastest Turnaround in the World
Handcrafted in the UK
One Deck Minimum Order
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you get Personalised playing cards?

Yes you can! Using our online Card Creator, you can make your own personalised playing cards in minutes. Choosing from multiple sizes you can then select what sort of personalisation you want (single sided where it's only the playing card back and double sided where both sides of the card are personalised.)

How much does it cost to get custom cards made?

For just £8.99, you can get your own custom pack of playing cards with our Online Card Creator! Looking for completely custom cards without the traditional faces? No problem, we also offer full customisation where you can reduce the amount of cards per pack and completely design your card's faces and back. Check out our Trumps Card Creator now for just £7.99.

Are playing cards illegal?

Playing cards themselves are not illegal, but using them to play card games in gambling can be illegal in certain countries, always check the laws of the country you live in before hosting that big poker tournament you had planned.

How do you make a deck of personalised playing cards yourself?

Try out our Online Card Creator! Where you can design your own deck of playing cards from scratch, why not try personlising both sides so that they're novelty cards? Or you can even keep one side traditional with its pips & faces.

Is playing cards an addiction?

In some instances, playing cards can be seen as an addiction because of it's relation to gambling. Many countries have banned gambling, which makes using playing cards for gambling purposes illegal. Always know when enough is enough and be sure to seek help if you are having trouble stopping.

How many cards are in a deck?

For a standard English deck of playing cards there are 56 cards in a standard deck of playing cards. 2 of them are normally jokers (although you can sometimes have 4), and the rest are what's known as face and pip cards.

Is there an app for playing cards?

While we don't offer an app for playing cards, you don't need one! Try out our Online Card Creator, where you can create your pack in real time, place your order and receive your stunning new pack within 4 days. If you're looking for a faster turnaround, we also offer an Emergency Service where you're pack is dispatched same-day (if ordered before 12pm).

What size are playing cards?

There are two sizes that are known to be the standard for playing cards. In the UK, they are Bridge Size (56 x 87mm). But, lots of countries use Poker (63 x 88mm), since they are wider than Bridge cards, they are also referred to as 'Wide Cards'.
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