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Novelty Playing Cards

A great way to surprise anyone with a really novelty gift! Every household has a pack of playing cards so why not have a novelty pack! Playing cards have been around for century's but never before could such personalisation be created online so easily! Plus you can buy just a single deck and have it shipped anywhere in the world.

Bridge Playing Card Set
If you need 2 packs for a loving couple!
You can create 2 Novelty packs of playing cards online.
Poker Single Sided
Novelty Playing Cards

Add one novelty picture to the backs of
the playing cards and add your own text.
Faceless Playing Cards
Same novelty value as above but with
no playing card faces. So can be used for Snap
or any novelty game that uses 54 cards.
Custom Trump Cards
Can be used for any novelty surprise
pack be it all your favourite friends or
for a Hen or Stag night.
Poker Double Sided
Novelty Playing Cards

Add one novelty picture to the backs and then
add 54 different novelty pictures to the
facesof the playing cards online
Sure Slip Poker Playing Cards
A novelty gift for any Magician.These textured playing
cards let the user control the playing cards with ease!
Great for Tricks!

So whatever the novelty you want to create a pack of playing cards for! We can help.

Go to our card creators now and create your novelty pack.

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