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Personalised Playing Card Creator

Why not take advantage of our new on-line service and have one pack of personalised playing cards made for just £8.99.

You can have 1 picture printed on the backs of your playing cards with standard English faces on the fronts. All our low volume personalised playing cards are printed on 305um Black Core playing card material, Plastic Coated and supplied in a Branded Box. Other options available.

Our standard service allows for despatch in 4 working days. If you need them sooner you can use our Emergency Service and have your personalised playing cards despatch the next working day. So no matter how short of time you are we can deliver your personalised playing cards. We are the fastest on the net!

You can have any photo of your choice on a full pack of personalised playing cards (that's 54 personalised playing cards) to create a totally unique personalised gift, Put the face of a loved one on a pack personalised playing cards maybe a picture of your pet or one of the kid's, holiday snap, the choice is yours that's the beauty of personalised playing cards.

It is great fun to personalise and makes a totally unique gift for family or friends.

Standard poker size 88 x 63 mm. Includes 2 jokers. Back sides are digitally printed with your picture in full colour as standard.

Playing Cards For Training

"Personalised Playing Cards For Training"

You could create a training resource using playing cards.
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There is no limit to what can be created. Our standard personalised playing card pack has fifty four cards giving you fifty four different products to promote or fifty four different training cards. Have your personalised playing cards presented in a fully personalised tuck box. The personalised tuck box really make your cards in to the perfect gift. Which no potential client is going to throw away.

Promotion of your products

Our clients tell us that they find this a great way to promote their services in a way that really works.

  • They are a convenient size that fits in a hand, back pocket or jacket pocket.
  • They are unique and different, which gets them noticed more and always realises and interesting comment from the receiver
  • Above all they are memorable. Clients always comment on the cards they have received in the past and best of all they still have them. Playing cards help you go beyond the brochure because everyone has a pack of playing cards somewhere. If they receive a new pack they are not going to through them away.

Unique Gift

Do you often struggle to come up with a unique and memorable gift? Customised playing cards my be just what your looking for. Find 52 photos, images or graphics that are personal to the person you want to send the gift to. We will create you a pack of cards totally personal to them. They can be used for gifts at so many occasions, for example:-

  • Wedding thank you - Why not send you guests 52 photos of your wedding as a thank you?
  • Anniversary - Would your loved one like to receive 52 mini messages about them from you or what about 52 photos of them?
  • Annual Event - Find what someone has a passionate interest in and have a pack created on that topic. This could be anything from Motorbikes, Golf causes, Favourite films etc
  • Reunion - Why not collect photos of all your past colleagues and create a pack of reunion cards. What a wonderful memento of the event
"Personalised Playing Cards as a Gift"

You could create a training resource using playing cards.
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Corporate Brand

Create a pack of playing cards with your corporate image and include some useful information for your clients. Examples

  • Conversion Tabels - An engineering company supplying screws and bolts created a set of cards with all the sizes and forces for their clients designs teams. That ment when the designers were selecting bolts and screws they used the cards to look up the relevant information and in the process promoted our clients brand of screws and bolts
  • Memorable Dates - A fitness equipment supplier created a set of playing cards with the dates of all the fitness events they were attending that year with and offer of discount for each entry. They send this to all their clients inviting them to attend
  • Road Maps - A large distributor who had lots of regional offices created a set of cards with a map for each office on each card so send to their clients
"Promote Your Corporate Brand"

You could create a training resource using playing cards.
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