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Custom Playing Cards

If you are looking to provide you’re own artwork for custom playing cards. Before you get started please download our template for custom playing cards and also boxes if personalised boxes are required. This will save you loads of time and money because cutters for custom playing cards are very expensive. So it’s best to keep to a standard size. We have 2 different sizes for playing cards. Bridge is the standard size in the England, 87 x 56 mm with radius corners. Poker is the standard size in America 88 x 63mm with radius corners. So you can choose which ever! Bridge packs come with 56 cards in a pack and Poker comes with 55 cards in a pack.

Custom Tuck box templates for both Bridge and Poker are also available to download. These really are perfect to finish off a customised deck of cards.
For artwork we only have a few rules. Please keep all text 5mm from the edge of the custom playing cards. Any image that bleeds of the edge of the custom playing cards needs to bleed by 3mm. Our pdf templates were created in Adobe Illustrator so they work best from this program. Of course you can use any program to create custom playing cards.

All our printing is done in cmyk a lot of people get confused by this! So I will try to explain simply! CYMK means Cyan Yellow Magenta and Black or Blue Yellow Red and Black. These four colours combined make a full colour set and can achieve most colours. A lot of people prefer RGB Colours Red Green and Blue. This is the system used for colouring a computer screens and it uses light to control colours and thats why there is no black. This can make colours brighter and of course this can vary from screen to screen. When printing you can't use the light to control the colours. You only have the white material and the four colours in the cmyk. If artwork is supplied in RGB our system will convert it to cmyk. Colours can look slightly different because of this. This is not just something that our printers don't do! Its the same for everyone. There is no such thing as an RGB Printer.

Poker Back Template
Bridge Back Template
Poker Box Template
Bridge Box Template

Before we can release templates for the fronts of custom playing cards we require your order first. For more information contact us now.

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