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Corporate Promotional playing cards for your business

Corporate Promotional playing cards for your business

With the festive season in full swing, it’s time to stand out when promoting your business. The simple business card just doesn’t cut it at Christmas parties and festive networking events! More often then not, business cards get lost, left on tables or put in the bin. If they manage to survive this, it’s very rare that anyone then follows up the contact and makes a more towards networking their business even further.

We have the ultimate solution to this problem. The key to getting around the potential of having your items thrown in the bin, is personalisation.

Swapping business cards for promotional playing cards is the ultimate solution to promoting your business when you’re out and about this Winter.

This time fo the year is the best time of year to network in a fun way. Gone are the boring presentations and meetings. Instead businesses are much more free to through parties, and festive get togethers. And who doesn’t love a casino night or a good game of cards?!

Personalised playing cards are extremely underrated when compared to the alternative of business cards. Playing cards open the opportunities for 100’s of games, they are more likely to be kept for a lunch break or a future casino night.

Personalising your playing cards with your business or companies branding can be hugely effective in promoting your business as a fun and creative company that like to do things a bit differently.

Personalised playing cards not only act as a great tool on a relaxed night with co-workers, they are also the perfect gift when sending a festive present to your business contacts. Many companies send out a corporately branded Christmas card, so it makes sense to pop a personalised piece of merchandise with it.

You could add these into a hamper for your larger corporate clients along with your other elements of branded merchandise. Building Poker packs for a client that you know loves the game will go a long way to keeping them a client for much longer and build that relationship even more.

Here at personalised playing cards, we understand how important your branding is to your company which is why we work with you to fully design, print and create your personalised playing cards ready for your next networking event or corporate gift. Take a look at our Card Creator for more details and to get your design started. If you have any questions, feel free to email or get in touch today and speak with one of our team.

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