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Promotional Playing Cards – making your brand stand out from the crowd

Promotional playing cards are a unique way for companies both large and small, to promote themselves whilst also promoting their products and services. So stand out from the crowd, separate yourself from the brochures and business cards and give your clients a handy keepsake, who doesn’t have a pack of cards at home?

How can I use promotional playing cards and why?

Promotional playing cards are the perfect hand out, small in size but large in quality and content. For promotions these playing cards will last a long time, it’s not just longevity that you’ll get, your playing cards can also be made to be engaging. Our clients can’t resist fanning them out, flicking through them and playing card games with them. Coming back from an event with a pile of business cards is no fun, as well as odd pens, a t-shirt and other miscellaneous promotional merchandise. What would you do with them? A pack of promotional playing cards can easily fit into your pocket, they may also find a way into your client’s desk, or even their home.

Promotional playing cards are the perfect hand out because they are a very handy keepsake and there’s nothing better than a branded keepsake. Whether it’s your company or organisation logo on the back of the cards, your brand will resonate with that person for a long time to come. Promotional playing cards are the perfect thing to give out because they’re a handy keepsake and there’s nothing better than something you can keep and that is also branded. If that’s your company’s logo on the back then your brand will resonate with that person in years to come.

Some ideas…

Creating a relaxed sales pitch

If you see clients who see a lot of sales people, how are they going to remember your, if every company they see if offering them the same products, then it’s important that you make a difference and you stand out. One way to get a better connection is to provide them with a pack of personalised playing cards, instead of just any old business card. Some clients feel that creating your own card game, this may not be suited for every business, but is great for the creative industry. You could also think about designing a game for your business or maybe about the sector that you work in? This is a great way to promote your business!

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