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5 Top Ideas for Personalised Wedding Favours

5 Top Ideas for Personalised Wedding Favours

Let’s face it, we’ve all been to a wedding where the wedding favours have been a bit naff. They will either fall to the bottom of your bag, get chucked in the bin, be put in a box for all eternity (never to be seen again) or get left behind at the wedding venue. With that said, wouldn’t it be nice if there were low-cost options for wedding favours that people will not only appreciate, but actually benefit from? Well there are… and we are here to tell you about them.

As well as the venue, the dress, the wedding cake, the wedding transport and the invitations, you also need to think about personalised wedding favours. Below, we investigate our top 5 ideas for personalised wedding favours that your guests will love, to help you round off the special day!

1. Personalised Playing Cards

There’s nothing like a good game of cards. A deck of cards is extremely underrated, especially when you think of what can be achieved. Not only are there hundreds of games that can be played, there are loads of places where you can play them. At your friends’ house, in the car or on a plane or a train, on your lunch break at work, on holiday abroad or camping, there possibilities are endless. With so much that can be achieved, personalised playing cards undoubtedly make the perfect wedding favour for your guests to enjoy. Being small and lightweight, they can sit in your bag or car for when you need them most.

Personalised Playing Cards

2. Personalised Food Favours

We all need to eat right? So what’s better than a wedding favour that involves food. In the modern age, wedding favours are less traditional and more quirky than ever before. Popcorn, lollipops, chocolates, sweets, Nutella, cake, spices and mini condiments are all ideas for great wedding favours involving food. Will they get forgotten about? Probably not. Most food related wedding favours will be snapped up and gobbled before the end of the evening! A great gift for the day if you ask us.

3. Personalised Kids Activity Boxes

Let’s not forget about the littles ones. Children are the future of course! Most weddings will have a whole bunch of kids that will need entertaining. Think about the age range and this will help you to create personalised activity boxes that all the children will enjoy. From sweets to colouring books, playdough to fairy dust, you can fill the boxes with various activities to keep kids entertained. What’s great about this gift? Boxes can be personalised to suit the occasion!

4. Personalised CDs

If you’re thinking about giving your guests a CD with the days soundtracks on, you should think about personalising the sleeves or boxes. Personalised CD’s are a great gift for all to enjoy. Keep the CD in the car for the next time you want to reminisce or near your CD player at home to enjoy at any time. Printed CD sleeves are a great way to make your CD’s even more personal and a lot can be achieved with the designs.

5. Personalised LEGO Figures

Last but not least, we come to personalised LEGO figures. You might be thinking how you would go about personalising LEGO figures, but the answer is relatively simple. There are companies out there that specialise in this sort of thing. They can help you to personalise your figurines to look like you arnd your spouse-to-be. A great gift for everyone at the wedding. If you have a decent budget or a relatively small party attending your wedding, you could even go the extra mile and opt for personalise figures of each guest.   So there you have it. Our top 5 ideas for personalised wedding favours. If you are looking for thoughtful gifts to give to guests on your wedding day, we hope we have been helpful!
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